About Us

Missouri KidsFirst

Our Vision:

Every child is safe from abuse.

Our Mission:

To empower adults to protect children.



Our day-to-day work is supported, and most of all guided by four main values:

Integrity - A priority for Missouri KidsFirst that must be reflected in every activity and decision the organization makes. Integrity requires the staff, board and volunteers to behave and work in a manner consistent with our values. Encompassed with transparency, fiscal responsibility, and accountability, our commitment to integrity will continuously strengthen the organizations image and reputation.

Expertise – Having the knowledge and most reliable information to accomplish the mission is vital for Missouri KidsFirst success. We appreciate the value of multiple perspectives and diverse expertise. The production of innovative, practical and sound solutions will be the outcome of specialized and up to date research.

Efficiency – Missouri KidsFirst operates in a manner that results in high quality outcomes with the lowest amount of resources. The organization treats problems and issues, not just as a challenge, but also as an opportunity and part of the normal process or our work. The organization will evaluate its accessibility, flexibility and delivery of services on a regular basis.

Stability – A stable image and reputation helps Missouri KidsFirst build and strengthen family, community, and strategic partnerships. Simultaneously economic security also contributes to the stability of the organization to perform all its activities and succeed in every goal set by the organization.

Mission Focused - Missouri KidsFirst maintains a high level of consciousness to strategically align our projects and tasks with our mission. Missouri KidsFirst’s mission statement drives everything we do allowing us to remain focused, without being distracted by other activities or funding that marginally contribute to the mission. Missouri KidsFirst continually assesses and improves our investments of time and other resources to assure the greatest outcomes for our investment.

Commitment - Missouri KidsFirst focuses on long-term outcomes and doesn’t sacrifice long-term value for short-term results. Staff and the board are open-minded; genuinely listen, willing to examine their strongest convictions with humility and act on behalf of the entire agency, beyond just their own interests. Team members are committed to the agency as well as each other in cooperative and supportive manner.

Renewal - Missouri KidsFirst is deeply aware that caring for and tending to our human resources is paramount as we work for social change. We celebrate successes and we mourn losses while learning to stay present in our experience. We give each other new energy through laughter, crying, pride, compassion, optimism, passion, and ambitiousness.

About Us: Learn about Missouri KidsFirst Mission and our core organizational values.

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